Insurance & Reimbursement

Currently, Revive Counseling Group, LLC. does NOT accept insurance. While we do not take insurance, you may investigate if your insurance benefits cover “out-of-network providers” and what terms apply. You may be able to submit paperwork to your insurance company to apply our sessions to deductibles and/or receive assistance or reimbursement for the costs. We are happy to provide a bill of services (superbill) that you can submit to your insurance company upon request if you find you have “out-of-network coverage”.

It is best before starting counseling to speak with your insurance company and ask them about their reimbursement plans for “out of network providers.”

Reimbursement for Therapy

While individuals can often submit their “out of network” counseling bills to their Insurance Companies and receive some form of reimbursement, Couples Counseling is often excluded from any form of insurance reimbursement.

Couples Counseling is probably the most “unique beast” in the counseling world!
Insurance doesn’t recognize couples counseling as a reimbursable treatment. The psychiatric world has only come up with diagnoses for individuals. There are no medical diagnoses for couples. This means your insurance will not pay for “marriage” or “couples” counseling. However, insurance companies allow for the modality of treatment called “family therapy.” Therapists will often bill insurance with this modality, though someone (one member of the couple) has to be diagnosed with a mental health issue. At Revive Counseling Group, we work within the ethical parameters to get you the help you need.

As a Gottman Level III therapist, 80-minute sessions are preferred for couple work because extended time is necessary for both partners to feel heard and to learn new skills. However, after some initial listening and communicating skills have been developed, if desired, we can reduce session times to accommodate a 50 min session for which most insurance companies will provide some reimbursement.

All insurance and reimbursement information noted above by Revive Counseling Group, LLC. is based on experiences with current and previous clients but may not apply to you personally. We make no guarantees about reimbursements from insurance providers and encourage new or potential clients to contact their insurance companies before starting therapy to find out about their “out of network providers” coverage and their possible reimbursements for treatment.

If you have any questions about these payment policies, we’d love to help walk you through this process, please reach out to Revive Counseling Group at: or by phone at (406) 272-5996