My Values Around Therapy

My Beliefs Around Therapeutic Trust

I aspire to meet you wherever you are in your life journey, and I hope that through our work together, you will feel valued, understood, heard and develop new skills to live life more fully.

I believe that therapy is transformative, but this healing can only be done where you feel safe, connected, and cared about by your counselor. If I am not the right fit for you as a counselor, or if I don’t have the area of expertise that best fits your therapeutic needs. I will do everything to help you obtain the services and counseling that best fits your specific needs.

My Beliefs About People and How I Structure Therapy

I believe that each person has been uniquely created, and is therefore valuable and precious. My approach to treatment is collaborative. I see therapy as an opportunity for my clients to see themselves as experts in their lives where they have the control and power to affect change. I am passionate about helping others discover their potential, recognize their identity, find self-efficacy, deal with past trauma, learn new relationship skills, and direct positive change in their lives.


My Beliefs About Investing Yourself in the Therapeutic Process

I Believe in change, it is a powerful force, but change only comes with personal investment, commitment, and hard work. The more you investment yourself in this process, the greater your return will be. I understand that transformation isn’t easy, but I promise that if you wholeheartedly invest yourself in this process, you will experience life in new ways!


Questions You May Have

Whenever I meet with new clients, I ask them, “Why are you here” “The majority of my clients want change! They are tired of bad relationships, poor communication skills, memories of past traumas, and feeling of anxiety and depression. They desire new skills and want healing.

I treat lots of things! For a complete list see my home page. I primarily work with couples, and individuals to help them overcome trauma and conflict issues in their relationships.

The office is open 8:00am -5:00pm.
Treatment scheduled outside of these hours has to be approved and discussed with your provider.


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